Railway Engineering & Consulting

Unites professionals have played a key role in the success of many prestigious rail projects in India and abroad. We are a technology oriented company and use state-of-art tools combined with our commitment to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients. Today, we are leading rail systems consultants owing to our quality, high level of competence and strict adherence to values. With over 35 years of experience having worked on small to large projects; our experts are fully geared to deliver innovative, cost-effective and sophisticated solutions to get your rail project on track.

Railway transportation system consists of:
  • Fixed facilities - Network of links e.g. railway track and nodes e.g. transit terminals, yards and terminals with passenger and goods handling facilities.
  • Flow entities - Units that traverse the fixed facilities e.g. passenger vehicles, goods wagons, container unites, locomotives etc. And
  • Control systems - Technological way to guide movement – manual or automated. Flow controls that permit efficient and smooth operation of streams of trains.
Resources for Railway Operation
  • Railway track or permanent way
  • Rolling stock – locomotives, passenger coaches and goods wagons
  • Traction – diesel / electric
  • Signalling and interlocking equipment for coordinated safe movement of trains.
  • Telecommunication facilities to coordinate and control the railway operation and management e.g. quad cables, high frequency radio links, VHF/UHF, microwave, optical fibre and satellite links and equipment.
Stations and station machinery
  • Transportation and commercial operating systems


A Railway siding includes lead line from take off point at the serving station to the in-plant yard of the industry /Private Freight Terminal /Logistic park etc, provision of in-plant yard and additions, alteration at the serving station to handle to and fro rail traffic. Construction involves soil investigation, earthwork in formation and blanketing layer including mechanical compaction to desired M.D.D. Providing clean ballast cushion. Laying of track including rails, sleepers and fastenings, laying of points and crossings etc to desired line and level, packing and boxing. Construction of culverts / bridges as required. Provision of S&T of requisite standard and provision of O.H.E. if the system is electrified.