Feasibility study & Project Reports
  • Traffic & engineering surveys
  • Techno-economic studies
  • Environmental impact assessment studies
  • Financial viability study
  • Reconnaissance survey cum analysis of traffic for planning rail infrastructure facilities
  • Rail logistic study for ports
  • Identification of location for setting up of rail linked ICD/ warehouses
  • Traffic study of fuel/coal transportation for merry-go-round systems
  • Obtaining in-principle approval from railways
  • Optimization of existing rail infrastructure facilities
  • Line capacity study on the existing rail network for handling the additional traffic Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies, Traffic Surveys, Inter – Modal Studies.
  • Detailed Project Reports, Infrastructure Planning and Detailed Engineering.
Railway engineering & technology Services
  • Conducting final location survey & fixing and pegging the alignment on the ground as per Indian Railway code.
  • Preparation of engineering scale plans of station yards, In-plant yards, longitudinal and cross sections.
  • Geological survey of soil and rock mechanics including hydrological studies for bridges/tunnels.
  • Preparation of GAD for bridges, design of foundation, sub-structure, super structure and suitable spans for bridges with detailed engineering including design calculations.
  • Preparation of signal & interlocking plans detailed signaling design & specification for signalling power supplies, control tables, mechanical and relay based interlocking, level crossing, bonding plans and cable plans.
  • Preparation of O.H.E. lay out plans detailed overhead electrification plans, design of overhead equipment, sub stations, switching stations including earthing and protection systems and SCADA remote control system.
  • Project estimation and costing.
  • Planning, Survey, Design and Construction Management of Permanent Way, Bridges and Structures, Signaling and telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering including systematic maintenance of locomotives.
  • Wagons and Workshop Technology.
Project Management Consultancy
  • Preparation of schedules and contract packages
  • Preparation of quality assurance plans
  • Construction supervision
  • Preparation of bar-charts and activity time networks for optimum completion
  • Tender services and award of contracts
  • Resource planning
  • Monitoring and review of progress
  • Quality control
  • Compliance of safety health and environment requirements
  • Project completion and commissioning
  • Preparation of Completion Report and as built drawings

Design and Engineering of PABXs and their networking, data communication etc.


Energy audit studies of industrial units and office complexes for introducing energy conservation methods, including combination of alternative energy sources, energy efficiency, co-generation etc.